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The Rope of Hope
Hold one end and throw the other
Pull through the silver lining.

by Adesh, Yvonne & Eisha
Made in the HaikuJAM app


The Lady And Her Red Lips

She pouted, the cameras clicked
all focus on red lips
nobody noticed the bruises!

‘The lady and her red lips’
by Eisha, PJ & Saurabh
Made in the HaikuJAM app

Training program for young journalists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

Journalists ages 16 to 29 from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan can participate in this training.

The International Debate Educational Association in Central Asia (IDEA CA) is accepting applications for its program “Young people as a basis for a democratic future,” which will be held Sept. 25 to Oct. 8 near the lake of Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan. Deadline for applications in Sept. 7.

Training topics include citizen journalism, reportage photography, advocacy and more. The language of the program is Russian.

More information here

The Little Girl

Eisha Sarkar

International Writing Program 2016, The University of Iowa, USA

A little girl of ten
With pretty brown eyes
In a field of flowers
That smell so nice!

Sounds of laughter
Fill the spring air
The little girl of ten
Has wind in her hair.

At the edge of the farm
In a small mud-hut
The little girl of ten
Sits with her mother.

A brand new dress
All red and shiny
The little girl all made-up
Oh, she looks so pretty!

Then her mother
Takes her to a chamber
A strange old man
Sits beside her.

She watches her father
Ready to bless her
The strange old man
Holds her hand.

On a bed of flowers
In a house not her own
The little girl of ten
Sits all alone.

Then comes the stranger
As old as her father
The little girl of ten
Cries for her mother.

Her vacant eyes
Her hidden bruises
A little girl of ten,
And her lost innocence.

Child marriage is unfortunately common in large parts of the developing world from Africa to Latin America, from the Middle East, South and Central Asia to Oceania. Girls in their pre-teens are often betrothed to men decades older to them. What follows the wedding is an end to their education, the loss of childhood and a life of abuse.


Haiko Jam

Haiko Jam

Cross-border collaboration for Central Asian journalists

Perspektivy is opening a scheme that aims to connect journalists in ‘cross-border’ collaboration. Journalists from Russia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Baltics or the Caucasus will have the opportunity to work together to produce stories through partnership and collaboration that transcend their national border. Journalists will be offered distance mentoring and seminars to help them to produce insightful stories. Perspektivy will cover participants’ costs for research trips as part of the project.

For more details, click here

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