During my second session with Suraya, my ‪#‎PaxPopuli‬ student in‪#‎Kabul‬, I asked her to read an excerpt from Steve Jobs’s Stanford Commencement Address. It was the story about Connecting the Dots. I then asked her what success means to her. She said, “Success is not about getting a big house and big car. To me, I see my life as a circle of dots and by achieving each dot, I’ll make a success out of my life. The first dot is to become a good English speaker, because organizations here don’t employ me because I don’t know English.” I told her, “You know English, Suraya. What you lack is the confidence to speak the language, especially in front of strangers. Maybe you should try speaking only English at your workplace, the ‪#‎KabulEducationAdvisingCenter‬(‪#‎KEAC‬).” “Ok, I’ll try that, Inshallah!” I reckon, KEAC-Kabul will have an English Day soon.

 – From Eisha Sarkar’s Facebook page